Biological Assessment

Biological Services With An Eye On Detail

iiná bá is committed to technical excellence in the planning and the execution phases of our services, and to serving the client on a timely basis.  We provide support services in all aspects of environmental projects.

iiná bá is a Native American owned Environmental consulting service company committed to providing low-cost turn-key remediation, construction and demolition services.  These services include site assessment, demolition and remediation, underground storage tank removal, soil excavation and disposal, and hazardous waste management. The company was founded in 1994 to focus on the unique needs of the Native American communities.  Professionals located in our Farmington, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces, New Mexico offices provide technical and management services across the United States, regardless of the project location.

iiná bá strives to provide high quality, attentive and cost-effective consulting services to our clients.  Our reputation for technical management excellence has attracted a wide range of industrial, commercial, petroleum, utility and consulting companies.  We encourage contact and feedback with our clients to ascertain the quality of our services.

iiná bá’s personnel have significant environmental industry experience and expertise.  Our staff consists of qualified, experienced management and leadership capable of assessing and implementing the support required in all environmental situations.

The following mission statement describes iiná bá’s approach toward its environmental services.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to
Environmental demands, designed through a positive
goal oriented structure centered around a dedicated
teamwork foundation.  This continuing philosophy
enables development of values and individuals resulting
in our ultimate goal of complete and total customer satisfaction.

The environmental industry is constantly driven by rapid changes, increasingly stringent legislation and regulations enacted at local, state, Tribal and federal levels.  Our industry is continually affected by these strict and complex environmental regulations shaping today’s market.  Due to this increased complexity, consultants and industry professionals must seek assistance from qualified full service environmental firms to provide support in all environmental endeavors. iiná bá’s approach to the various complexities encountered through all phases of our projects include creative, correct and low-cost solutions with an ability to adapt to the demands of our clients and the regulatory community. iiná bá was created to provide a single source of communication.  Our field managers provide the information necessary to address site specific needs without the burden of complex bureaucracies associated with large environmental corporations.