Environmental and Remediation Services

Environmental and Remediation Services

iiná bá can provide technical experts and consultants including Civil Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Geologists, Geological Engineers, and Hydrogeologists. The staff is complete with both industrial and environmental experts. In addition, iiná bá provides a complete range of permitting specialties including right-of-way, commercial real estate and oil and gas property acquisitions, APDs, special use permits, and water discharge permits.


Environmental engineering services include:

  • Spill prevention and emergency response
  • Environmental assessment
  • Site characterization
  • Contaminant assessment
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Remediation and mitigation design and supervision

The engineering staff is supported by both field and laboratory analytical services. The petroleum engineering staff has extensive experience in reservoir analysis, exploration, drilling, and production operations. This experience includes pipeline design and installation, horizontal drilling techniques and completions, coal bed methane degasifications, and much more. On behalf of our clients, iiná bá’s staff frequently interfaces with all of the varied regulatory agencies including federal, state, local, and tribal organizations in the Four Corners region (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona).

Site Assessment and Characterization

iiná bá’s highly skilled staff of environmental and industrial experts routinely performs site assessment and characterization studies for a wide variety of projects, including property transfer, spills of hazardous or regulated materials, open or closed earthen pits, and both underground and aboveground tank removals. iiná bá has extensive experience in working with both oil and gas industry operators, commercial, industrial, and residential real estate transactions, and construction sites. iiná bá is capable of supplementing such site assessment and characterization work with archaeological,  toxicological, biological (threatened and endangered species surveys), and land title reports and studies.

Soils Remediation

iiná bá can provide several environmental remediation techniques that represent the most advanced remediation technology available today.  The premier laboratory supports remediation operations with timely and accurate data. These in situ mitigation and remediation techniques include:

  • Encapsulation and containment of liquid contaminants with the application of dehydrated sphagnum peat moss and a nutritive based micro-biological enhancer
  • Applications of the chemical-oxidation remediation method
  • On-location land farming methods
  • Excavation and transport method

iiná bá’s technical experts combine horizontal drilling and boring techniques—and the biological remediation methods described above—to remediate sub-surface accumulations of contaminants where excavation is not practical or is extremely expensive. These mechanical drilling techniques provide injection routes for microbes, nutrients, and oxidizing agents. This technology can be applied to situations such as fuel spills and under airport tarmac or buildings, where excavations would be extremely expensive and disruptive.

PST Services

iiná bá also offers a complete range of PST (petroleum storage tank) services, including:

  • Site investigation
  • Hydrogeologic studies
  • Reclamation and remediation system design and implementation
  • Site closure
  • And interfacing with regulatory agencies to formulate cost effective solutions for problem leaking PST sites.

The techniques described above are often used to remediate damaged soils from old leaking underground tanks.

Hazmat Response

iiná bá has available a trained team of professionals who are qualified and licensed to respond to spills of most hazardous substances. This team is fully equipped with vapor and explosion meters, OVM/PID detector, portable TPH equipment, HAZCAT screening